Ball Pit Tent with 400 Ball Pit Balls and Carrying Case by Imagination Generation


Product by Imagination Generation: Ball Pit Tent with 400 Ball Pit Balls and Carrying Case by Imagination Generation – priced around $99.98-$.


What’s the only thing better than a ball pit? Having a personal ball pit, all to yourself! So ditch the public indoor playgrounds, get our pop-up ball pit tent, pick your choice of 100, 200, or 400 balls, and bring the ball pit home with you!Our ball pit sets-up in a snap. Just pull it out of the included zippered storage bag and watch it pop up! Clean-up is just as simple, as the tent folds right back down to nearly-flat for convenient, space-saving storage.Large & In ChargeOur ball pits are extra roomy: 30′ tall, and strrretching to just over 50 inches wide, corner-to-corner-that’s just over 4 feet! The large door allows for quick crawling in and out. And these rooms have a view, sporting 5 full-size mesh windows over 2 feet wide. Not only can kids see far and wide, but you can more easily supervise.Made from durable, easy to clean polyester, this is the ultimate no-hassle play tent. Set up a ball pit in the backyard, or in the bedroom, then fold it flat, pack it up, and take it along to a friend’s or to daycare. The tough polyester holds up to travel and use, and at the end of the day, just wipe it clean.What Makes Our Balls Premium?Not only are our ball pit balls larger than many competitors with a sizeable 7cm diameter, but the deluxe plastic is soft but incredibly tough. Too many ball pits are ruined by balls that are unforgivingly rigid or flimsy, thin and cheap. Our balls have plenty of give for extra comfort, can get safely squashed, and they hold up under pressure without crushing, splitting or popping. Over 120 pounds of pressure!


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