Fly Racing Maverik F4 Boots


Product by Fly Racing: Fly Racing Maverik F4 Boots – priced around $-$.


Fly Racing Maverik F4 Boots One of the best entry level boots on the market, the Fly Maverik F4 brings together performance, protection and comfort at a very competitive price. And with features like real leather, molded protectors and easy locking buckles, the value goes a long way. ARTICULATED REAR ANKLE gives the subtle flexibility to bend your foot down, yet still remains supportive3D SHIN PROTECTION pre-shaped for comfort-molded plastic adds impact protectionADJUSTABLE QUICK LOCK BUCKLES secure buckles with a solid locked in feel and an open design keeps dirt from clogging the functionELASTIC GAITER provides a comfortable rim around your calf while sealing the opening from debrisINNER ANKLE PROTECTION made of durable and flexible plastic, this panel keeps you close to the bike with a protective shield between your foot and the elementsLEATHER HEAT SHIELD no more burnt plastic with this leather heat shield. Leather is long lasting and wont meltRACE SOLE WITH STEEL SHANK this internal steel shank is laminated into the length of the sole. Steel provides the rigid strength needed during the impact and stress of motocrossREPLACEABLE SOLE is replaceable through any boot repair shop. We sell the replacement sole so you dont have to break in a new boot3D MOLDED SHIFT PROTECTION this plastic molded panel saves your boot from premature wear. Dont miss a shift with the added grooves and texture to aid in grabbing the shift lever


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